Cocamidopropyl betaine

It is used as raw materials in the textile industry, the production of household chemicals, shampoos and foaming agents.


Product Data Sheet

INCI Name Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Accordance TU 2484-002-89535834-08


1. Appearance Transparent liquid

2. Content of Betain, (W/W%), no less 37

3. Dry residue, %, no less 42

4. Water, %, no more 58

5. Free amidoamine, (W/W%), no more 0,3

6. Content of Chloride (as NaCl), (W/W%), no more 7,3   pH (20 °C; 10 % AS in solution; Solvent: Water) 4,5 – 5,6

7. Color (Hazen color value: 100 % product) 150

Specification Limit Method of Analysis


TU 5.1

TU 5.1

TU 5.2

TU 5.3

TU 5.4

TU 5.5

Application Cocamidopropyl Betaine is surfactant and used in many cosmetic products but also in washing and cleaning agents
Physical Properties See Safety Data Sheet
Health and Safety See Safety Data Sheet

Store in dry place away from direct sunlight or source of head, acids and oxidising agents at 5 – 40 ˚C