Fatty Alcohol Ethersulfate-Na

It is used as the main surfactant in most personal care products (solid and liquid soaps, shower gels, shampoos, bath foams), as well as in a wide range of household chemicals (liquid dishwashing detergents, liquid detergents).

Product Data Sheet

INCI Name Fatty Alcohol Ethersulfate-Na
2EO (C12-C14)
CAS 3088-31-1
INCI 221-416-0
Accordance TU 2481-007-89535834-12
Specification Specification Limit Method of Analysis
1. Appearance (20 °C) Slightly yellow paste TU 5.1
2. Content of (W/W%) Anionic Surfactant, range 68 – 73 TU 5.3
3. Content of (W/W%) Sodium Sulfat, no more 1,5 TU 5.4
4. Content of (W/W%) Unsulfonated Fraction (calc. on AS), no more 3,5 TU 5.6
5. pH-value (20 °C; 3 % AS in solution; Solvent: Water) 7,0 – 9,0 TU 5.7
6. Color measurement (Hazen value; 20 °C; 20 % AS in solution; Solvent: Water), range 0 – 25 TU 5.2
7. Density, g/cm3, range 1,03 – 1,12 TU 5.5
Application SUNATAL (SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE – SLES) is classified as surfactant foaming, emulsifing, cleansing. It used as raw material in manufacturing of many cosmetic products but also in washing and cleaning agents
Physical Properties See Safety Data Sheet
Health and Safety See Safety Data Sheet
Storage Store in dry place away from direct sunlight or source of head, acids and oxidising agents at 5 – 40 ˚C